Longarm Services

Hello! I am Gloria, the busy bee lead longarm quilter of Glory Bee’s Sewing Center. Whether you are looking for something simple or custom, I will work with you to find the best design at a price you can afford.

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In our Studio, using a state of the art longarm quilting machine, we create beautiful quilts and comforters. We can also bring your memories to life by creating T-Shirt quilts, Memory quilts and more.

With the use of quality materials, your projects will come to life with your choice of beautifully designed stitching. We offer many years of experience and are committed to delivering quality workmanship. Let the experts you can rely on create a custom product you will love!

Longarm Quilt Gallery

How to Prepare Your Quilt Top for Long-Arm Quilting

Follow these simple steps…

Quilt Top

  1. Press your quilt from the back, making sure all of the seams are as flat as possible.
  2. Check seams for any missed stitches.
  3. Trim loose threads.
  4. Measure your quilt on a diagonal from corner to corner to make sure it is square (both measurements should be equal).


A Quilt in Progress

Quilt Backing

  1. Pre-wash fabric.
  2. Press to remove any heavy wrinkles
  3. Always include an extra 4 inches on all four sides of your quilt backing, increasing the length and width by 8 inches.(This is needed to help stabilize your top when quilting


Custom Quilting

Whole Cloth Backing

  1. To ensure a well squared back, tear the fabric to size.(Start at the selvage edge.)  With quality fabrics, this may not be necessary.  However, this is up to personal preference.


Baptist Fan

Pieced Backing

  1. Be sure that all selvage edges are removed and that all grains of the fabric are going in the same direction. (This prevents distortion.)