Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are working on several updates, and will continue to update this page as necessary. Please continue to check back for the latest.

07/21/2020 @ 12:04 EST

We know that this pandemic has been stressful on us all, and we appreciate your continued support of our store. Our staff is committed to your safety and health, and therefore, we are continuing to practice social distancing while inside our store.

Our class sizes will remain limited for the time being to allow for social distancing.

When it comes to masks, we are no longer requiring them while shopping with us, however, if you feel safer, you are more than welcome to wear one during your experience. We are no longer requiring them for fully vaccinated customers as part of our CDC guideline policy.

If you have an allergy related cough, we do kindly ask that you wear a mask just to protect others. If you have a fever and/or excessively coughing, then please cancel your class and stay home. Feel free to use our online shop to complete a curbside or shipping order as well if you’re feeling sick.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on our online chat or call the store at 443.981.3182. We are excited to welcome you back to Glory Bee’s!

05/05/2020 @ 13:43 EST

An open Letter from Glory Bee’s

As this pandemic drags on and on and people are feeling all kinds of emotions from desperation and depression to thoughts of, ‘will this ever end’, we all look for inspiration and things that give us hope.

The last month or so, I can honestly say we have witnessed this. I want to give a big THANK YOU to all the sewers out there who have given their time, their energy, their money, and their skills to making masks and other protective gear for our health care workers, for our police officers and fireman and other first responders, along with their friends, family and neighbors, or actually anyone in need.

I was just reviewing some things the other day, and the sewers from our shop alone, we estimate, have made in excess of 10,000 face masks for people. What an accomplishment! I know I am going to miss some of the people responsible for this so I won’t mention anyone by name here, but I want you to know all your efforts are greatly appreciated and noticed.

The masks have been given to the V.A. (thanks to the group that addressed that need), three hospitals Upper Chesapeake, Franklin square, and John Hopkins (thanks to that group for addressing that), The Baltimore county police and fireman group thanks to you as well. Three assisted living centers and four nursing homes these people are too numerous to count.

A special thanks to Karen Yarborough who decided to donate 40 yards of elastic to us to be used for a good cause. Karen, just so you know it went to the V.A. and John Hopkins.

I want to make sure these people are recognized because I don’t think non-sewers realize the time and effort it takes to do this and most importantly, the commitment involved.

I was told today of a woman who has made by herself over a thousand masks for people. Let me give an example of making a commitment. On average, it takes from start to finish about 30 minutes to make a mask. Some are faster, some are slower, but that’s an average for this woman to make a thousand masks. That was a time commitment of 30,000 minutes, or for better perspective, 500 hours! The average person works about 160 hours a month; now that’s commitment and why, because it needed doing.

You know in times of crisis, we look for leaders or people to show the rest of us the way to be and act, some people step up, some people step down. Americans…TRUE Americans always step up, this is what makes and keeps American great.

There is no way of telling how many lives you wonderful people have saved, just know that you have. We here at Glory Bees are proud and honored that you folks choose to patronize our shop, and we again say, “Thank you” for what you do and for what you have done. Stay well.

Ron & Gloria and the staff at Glory Bee’s

04/28/2020 @ 15:00 EST

Hello Everyone! We wanted to provide an update on our services and hours for next week.

Starting Monday, May 3rd, we are planning to resume our normal operating hours of Monday-Saturday 10:00am – 5:00pm. We will continue to follow social distancing guidelines, limiting the amount of customers that can be in the store at one time. You may be asked to temporarily wait in your car or outside if we are at capacity. We will also follow state mandates and require a mask when in the building.

On a more exciting note, we will be offering adult sewing classes again. We are working to space out our classroom so that each participant can have their own space, six feet apart. Due to these new spacing guidelines, classes will be limited to six participants. We are working on getting our schedule planned and updated and will let you know when registration is open again. All participants coming in specifically for classes will be asked to use our service-entrance door. If you registered for a prior class that was cancelled, you will be personally contacted soon with rescheduling options. Our Lil’ Bees classes will remain suspended at this time.

We are also working on ideas for a possible Zoom Show & Tell Party so that we can see and share what each other is working on! We are looking towards later in May or June for this event so stay tuned for more details.

We know that sewing can be a wonderful outlet – for our creativity, for our mental well-being, and for showing loved ones and community we care (we know so many of you are making masks for our healthcare workers!). Even though our environment may be a little different when you come back in, we are honored and grateful to be here to support you and help you with all of your sewing needs. ❤️

04/02/2020 @ 11:40 EST

Dear Friends,

We just wanted to give you a little update – we hope this message finds you and your families healthy and safe. As you are aware, our shop is required to be closed at this time. Many of our distributors and suppliers are also shut down, making it increasingly challenging to get supplies in stock in a timely manner. For these reasons, our store will be completely closed for the next two weeks. If you would like to contact Gloria for any reason while we are closed, please email glorybees@comcast.net. We will continue to email any updates as well as communicate them on our facebook page.

Even though we are closed, we want you to know that we are still working behind-the-scenes to make Glory Bee’s even better than ever before. We received new fabric in the shop shortly before our closure so we will have some beautiful new fabrics to show you when we reopen. We are also working on some fun new classes and rescheduling some of the exciting events that we had planned. We also purchased a new camera, so we are experimenting with that now and are working to bring you some online classes and tutorials that we will host on our social media and website in the future.

We appreciate all of our customers that reached out to express an interest in sewing masks for our healthcare community. It was unclear in the beginning who and what organizations were accepting handmade masks, but we are happy to share a few of our recommended contacts with you that we know ARE accepting/collecting them. If you would like to support any of these efforts, please reach out to the contacts below. We are so thankful that we have such wonderful, caring customers who are willing to help and support our community.

• Brightstar Care – Michelle Wentworth – 443-847-0804
• Christine Avig – Veterans Health Administration – 443-866-8725
• Joy Howser – 410-638-0608

Sewing is a comfort for so many of us. It is our escape from stress, an outlet for our creativity, and a way to express our love and care for others with the beautiful things we make. While we are closed, we hope you continue sewing! We want you to keep working on those UFO’s because when we reopen, we will have a big Reopening Party and Open House Show & Tell Event! We also encourage you to share your projects with us on social media so that we can stay in touch and continue to inspire each other.

We miss you all – stay safe, stay healthy, and we wish you happy sewing!


03/24/2020 @ 10:31 EST

To All Our Glory Bee Friends,

Today our Governor has decided to change the way we are doing business. I’m trying to stay positive and continue to move forward.

In an effort to be proactive, we have been working overtime to insure all of our customers are taken care of.

Chuck in service has done an excellent job, working all weekend to make sure all the machines that were in for service have been completed! Thank you so much Chuck!

I’m currently continuing to work on all the quilts that need to be quilted. As I am working, the shop will be open for pickup orders only.

Please call ahead and I will guide you through our curb side service. I plan to be in from 12-4pm. Tuesday thru Saturday.

We will continue to make sure that we are there to help you with all your sewing needs.

Prayers for Good Health to you all,
Gloria & Ron Perkins

03/18/2020 @ 14:25 EST

A Message From the President of Glory Bee’s Sewing Center, LLC

First let me say that we are eternally thankful for the amazing patronage our customers have shown us over the last six Years, When we opened Glorybees our goal was to create a place and atmosphere of community and fellowship, for people to socialize and enjoy the fun and experience and their love of sewing. We feel with our customers help we have achieved that goal and look forward to many more years of happy memories, but that involves keep each and everyone of us around awhile to enjoy the fun. On that note, due to this terrible blight that has struck our nation and the world we find ourselves having to operate a little differently for the time being. So unfortunately, for our customers safety and our employees safety we have made the following adjustments. Starting on March the 23rd the store hours will be reduced to Monday Thru Saturday 12 – 4, if someone needs a special time or extra consideration please call us we are here to accommodate as best we can. All classes will be postponed for the remainder of the month, please watch our Facebook page and website for updates. If customers need to pick up a repaired machine just call us first and we will provide curbside pick up so you don’t have to come in the store, that also goes for anything else ordered over the phone Fabric, notions, Machines, quilts, etc. whatever.  We are currently working on providing on line classes so our customers can continue to enjoy our classes. You can enjoy them in the comfort of your safe and comfortable home. We will keep you posted on this development, some may even be live streamed we’ll see. We are going all out to keep you sewing by providing the best service we can. Also please rest assured that if you want to come into the store we are open for customers and you are WELCOME!. Rest assured we constantly take all precautions, to disinfect our shop every day. We feel with continued and diligent effort we all will get through this tough time. As they say this to shall pass. Take inspiration in what Jesus said be not afraid.

Thank you again and God Bless you all.

Sincerely Gloria & Ron Perkins

President, CFO, Owners

Glory Bee’s Sewing Center, LLC

03/18/2020 @ 11:43 AM EST – We have decided to postpone all classes, so all classes will not be happening through the end of March. Please check back for additional new dates of when these classes will happen.

Additionally, starting March 23rd, 2020, we will be reducing our hours to 12pm to 4pm.

This will allow us time to do a deeper clean of all machines, our stores, and allow our employees to be able to take care of their families.

To that end, we are constantly wiping down our machines, equipment, and all surfaces in our store, including requiring our employees to thoroughly wash their hands, providing sanitizer, etc.

Please stay safe, and we will have an update from our CEO directly to you all soon.